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Meeting schedule for 2022 posted at FCHSIN.org.

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May Meeting
Brandon Denton & Todd Marsh will present
"Restoration & Preservation of the Historic M. Fine & Sons Building"

Tuesday, May 24th, 7:00pm   on-site at the MANSION ON MAIN, 1420 East Main Street, NEW ALBANY, INDIANA.


June Meeting
"Show & Tell"

You are the Speaker!

Share your New Albany/Floyd County Memorabillia and Artifacts

Tuesday, June 28th, 7:00pm   in the Elsa Strassweg Auditorium, of the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library
at 180 West Spring Street.

Padgett Museum OPEN!
The Padgett Museum operated by the Floyd County Historical Society,
located at 509 West Market Street, New Albany, Indiana,
Open Saturdays 1-3pm or by appointment.

Featured Exhibit: History of the Gallagher Generating Station (62+ years of service)

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For more information, call Bob Sterrett at 812-590-2798.
Visit the society's website at FCHSIN.org.

Collecting Dues for 2022.  Dues are now $10 Individual, $20 Family.
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Our Community 2022

This is Our Community is given to all third graders in the county and is used to satisfy the Indiana History course requirement for all students in private, parochial, and public schools.

The 2021 version has been distributed to the schools!  Editorial and financial support for the 2022 version are welcome.

Final 2021 document as a PDF.             web view of Our Community 2021





Other Events

Jeffersonville Township Public Library
"Family History Research for Beginners, Part 2"

Diane Stepro, Family and Local History Librarian, will cover some of the Jeffersonville Township Public Library's many helpful resources, many online and most at no charge!  Learn where to start to create your family tree and explore the past though United States census records.  This is an especially exciting time for census research, as the 1950 census individual results became available to researchers this year.
Family researchers of all skill levels are welcome.

Saturday, May 28th, from 11 a.m. until noon in the Jeffersonville Library Center Program Room.,

Masks and Vaccinations are highly recommended.
call the Jeffersonville library at 812-285-5630, the Clarksville library at 812-285-5640 or check out the library's website at jefflibrary.org.

Falls of the Ohio Genealogical Society


Dr. David Bell
will present "Medications and treatments used during the American Revolution - Then and Now"
The presentation blends his profession (Pharmacy), experience (Retired Pharmacy Officer US Army), member of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) John Hay Chapter, Salem IN., and a long term interest in genealogy.
Dr. Bell will review the state of medical practice in the American Colonies during the late 1770's with attention to medicinal agents and treatments that were used during that period, AND are still used and available today.  The program compares and contrasts the treatment goals then and explains that we still have the same goals, and treat with many of the same products although (we believe) with greater precision today.  The program is supported with PowerPoint, example products (An adult "show & tell") and the presenter will be wearing a custom made uniform that is similar to the uniform of the first Apothecary (Pharmacist) General, Andrew Craigie.

Thursday, June 2nd, 6:30pm   in the Elsa Strassweg Auditorium, of the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library
at 180 West Spring Street.

A meet and greet will begin at 6:15 in the auditorium at the New Albany Library.
Refreshments will be served in the Library!

Respond to: info@FallsGenealogy.org

FOGS will host the First Family Program for 2022 on Thursday, November 5th.  Get started!  Get the fillable PDF Application form.
    Contact: Donna Kepley Foster at 812-923-3492.   FirstFamilies@FallsGenealogy.org
2019 Meeting Program
2022Brochure (First families brochure containing the pioneer surnames through the 2019)

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