Floyd County Historical Society

Meeting schedule for 2022-2023 posted at FCHSIN.org.  

Aquired an Accordian!
NOTICE: Meetings will start at 6:30 pm
October Meeting
"Joseph & Joseph" Over 100 years of Landmark Architecture
Speaker: Steve Wiser

Tuesday, October 25th, 6:30pm   in the Elsa Strassweg Auditorium, of the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library
at 180 West Spring Street.

Padgett Museum OPEN!
The Padgett Museum operated by the Floyd County Historical Society,
located at 509 West Market Street, New Albany, Indiana,
Open Saturdays 1-3pm or by appointment.

Featured Exhibit: History of the Gallagher Generating Station (62+ years of service)

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For more information, call Bob Sterrett at 812-590-2798.
Visit the society's website at FCHSIN.org.

November Meeting
"Floyd County Streams, Watershed and Boundaries"
Speaker: Randy Moser
Tuesday, November 22nd, 6:30pm   in the Elsa Strassweg Auditorium, of the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library
at 180 West Spring Street.

Collecting Dues for 2022 and 2023.  Dues are now $10 Individual, $20 Family.
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Our Community 2022

This is Our Community is given to all third graders in the county and is used to satisfy the Indiana History course requirement for all students in private, parochial, and public schools.

The 2022 version has been delivered to all 3rd graders in Floyd County.
Financial support for the 2022 version is still welcome.

          Final 2022 document as a PDF.             web view of Our Community 2022





Other Events
Clark's Grant Historical Society

Monday, November 21st, 7pm   at the Charlestown Public Library: 51 Clark Road; Charlestown, IN. ,

Masks are optional.
call Sue Koetter H: (812)294-4080; Cell: (502)386-8885 for more information.

Historical Society of Harrison County
"Harrison History Exhibit"

The Exhibit contains a wide variety of historic items from Harrison County's rich history including memorabilia about William Henry Harrison, the Battle of Corydon, Squire Boone, the Harrison County, Fair, Keller Manufacturing Company, Griffin's Store, the Constitution Elm, James Best, the Nine Historic Buildings that were in Corydon During the Capital Period (1816-1825) that Are Still Here! as well as tools and farm implements, signs, advertising, quilts, baskets, books, maps, photos, paintings and many other commemorative artifacts and items of interest.
Every day in the month of October 2022 from 9:00 to 5:00 pm daily  
in the William Henry Harrison Log Cabin located at 419 North Capitol Avenue in downtown Corydon,

Open to the public and admission is free
Contact Historical Society of Harrison County President Karen Schwartz at (812) 736-2373 or karengleitz@hotmail.com .

Falls of the Ohio Genealogical Society

"Hoosier History & Heritage Celebration"

First Families of Floyd, Clark and Harrison Counties is an ongoing project of the Falls of the Ohio Genealogical Society designed to discover, honor, and preserve the memory of the tri-county pioneers.

Thursday, November 3rd, 6:00pm   in the Elsa Strassweg Auditorium, of the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library
at 180 West Spring Street.

A meet and greet will begin at 5:30 in the auditorium at the New Albany Library.
Refreshments will be served in the Library!

Respond to: info@FallsGenealogy.org

FOGS will host the First Family Program for 2022 on Thursday, November 3rd.  Get started!
Get the fillable PDF Application form.
    Contact: Donna Kepley Foster at 812-923-3492.   FirstFamilies@FallsGenealogy.org
2022Brochure (First families brochure containing the pioneer surnames through 2022)

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