This is Our Community
Our Community -- 1959
"This is Our Community" was first published in 1956. Here is the 4th printing of that booklet.

Our Community -- 2018 Web Preview
The Society has provided the booklet Our Community to the Floyd County New Albany School's 3rd graders for a number of years.
The document was upgraded in the 2018 year. Pictures were cleaned up and some text changed.
Web pages allowed participating editors to track the changes.
    Our Community (2018) - Print Version
     Final:   Part1     Part2     Part3

Our Community -- 2019 -- Bicentennial Edition Web Preview
The modifications for 2019 are far fewer than for the 2018 version. A law enforcement page was added. Four color images were inserted. The timeline was expanded. Typos were fixed.
    Our Community (2019) - Print Version
     Final:   Part1 (cover thru page 24)     Part2 (page 25 thru page 48)     Part3 (page 49 thru back cover)

Our Community -- 2020 Web Preview
The modifications for 2020: new cover; typo correction; more color?
    The 2020 Our community has been delivered to the county's 3rd graders.
  Your support is needed!
Our Community (2020) - Print Version
     Final:   Printable PDF                 on-line version for remote students