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This is Our Community - 2020

This is not a presentation quality view.
Rather it is provided to allow all to see revisions.
The baseline is the 2019 version. Changes as noted.

Cover Page   (new cover)
Inside Front Cover   donor credits - add donors?
Credits     (same as last year)
Table of Contents Page   (page #s remain the same)
Geography   (same as last year)
Timeline of events (expand)
Native Americans     unchanged
The Buffalo Trace
The First Settlers  
The Founding of Floyd County     (unchanged)
Floyd County Communities     (get local input)
Ethnic Communities   (unchanged, needs expansion)
Early African-American History   (get a new picture?)
Transportation     (changes?)
Business     (under review)
Police Departments, Law Enforcement   needs cleanup
Fire Departments     Update Stats
Schools       (under review)
Churches   (unchanged)
The Civil War     (broaden to "Floyd at War")
Local Culture   (unchanged)
Weather   (unchanged for now)
People to Know and Remember     additions, corrections?
New Albany - Floyd County Firsts   (items here that never made it into the book, revisions?)
Historical Markers   (edit, pics?)
References (additions, deletions, links verified)
Index   to be reconstructed
Inside Back Cover
Back Cover