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Artifact inventory
August 11, 2018 version, includes 2018 acquistions until this date.
No inventory was examined, this list was compiled from several existing lists and one recently discovered.
Next steps are daunting in discovering what we have, stabilizing and preserving the items. Potentially expensive and definitely time consuming.

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Member Communications
Our Community
The Society has provided the booklet This is Our Community to the Floyd County New Albany School's 3rd graders for a number of years. The booklet supports the local history curriculum.

Historical Markers

Sgt Charles Floyd embarks on another Excellent Adventure
The Lewis and Clark explorer has left the Floyd County Library
and is currently in the Padgett/Floyd County Historical Society Museum

The Sesquicentennial Civil War Exhibit at the museum has been dismanteled
  Exhibit Brochure  
Places in Floyd

Requests for Historical Materials (Check our artifact list above)
are best directed to the New Albany / Floyd County Public Library
  Stuart Barth Wrege Indiana History Room     (812) 949-3527

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    video recordings
This is Our Community -- 1959 (4th edition).
This is Our Community -- 2019 PDF printable
This is Our Community -- 2020 PDF printable
This is Our Community -- 2021 PDF printable - Web view
This is Our Community -- 2022 PDF printable - Web view
This is Our Community -- 2023 PDF printable - Web view
A list of historical markers in Floyd County.
The Sgt Charles Floyd/Corps of Discovery/Floyd Family exhibit is now at the Padgett Museum.
The civil war exhibit upstairs at the museum has been dismantled.
Some materials relative to the Indiana 38th regiment are displayed here.
Brochure for the 2010-2011 Civil War exhibit.
List and brief discussion of some early Floyd County places.
Greenville Web site. Greenville Preservation Commission.
A town on the move! Check it out.
3rd and 4th grade classes at
S. Ellen Jones Elementary School
adopt "Old Colored People's Cemetery."
Highlighting the need to preserve and restore a New Albany African-American cemetery.
The remarkable life of Davis Floyd.