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No November Meeting

Happy Thanksgiving!

Stay Well!

Floyd County Historical Society History
assembled from the minutes
by Ann Baumgartle, recording secretary

Develop New Albany Christmas Ornament for Sale

The Padgett Museum is Open!

The Padgett Museum operated by the Floyd County Historical Society, located at 509 West Market Street, New Albany, Indiana, is open every Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., through December 12.

A special exhibit highlights several New Albany Dairies including Purity Maid and Zapp's to name a few. The display includes numerous milk bottles and dairy-related items all from a private collection.
The museum also includes the permanent exhibit entitled: "By the River's Edge" telling the story of New Albany and Floyd County's history through displays and artifacts. Please stop by and rekindle your interest in our great city and county. Admission is free.

Due to the coronavirus there are no restroom facilities available.
Masks are highly recommended.
For more information, call Bob Sterrett at 812-590-2798.
Check out the Indiana 38th. The Civil War Exhibit, upstairs at the museum, was dismantled.  Here are some highlights.

A couple of years ago, the Historical Society rescued the "Floyd Family / Louis & Clark Exhibit" which was being dismantled by the library. What to do with it??

Donations Needed


No December Meeting
because of the Corona Virus

Anyone with ideas for a remote meeting?
Contact contact@fchsin.org for more information.

On-Line Meetings
With no end in sight for the current pandemic, the only way we can get together in the near future and perhaps beyond is via on-line sessions.
One tool for this is ZOOM.
ZOOM is free and works on most computers, smart phones and tablets.
Phones and tablets should be ready-to-go.  Older computers may require some updates.
The obvious requirement is for an internet connection (the faster the better) and a speaker.  To do two-way communications (not required) a camera and microphone are required.
If your computer doesn't have built-in audio/visual, very capable units can be purchased from Walmart, Target and Amazon for about $20.  These are usually plug-and-play.
Help can be had here https://biz30.timedoctor.com/how-to-use-zoom/

Collecting Dues for the year 2020.  Dues are now $10 a year.
Membership form

Our Community 2020 $$$

This is Our Community, a history of Floyd County, has been delivered to the Floyd County Schools.  This booklet is given to all third graders in the county and is used to satisfy the Indiana History course requirement for all students in private, parochial, and public schools. Printing costs are covered from FCHS shrinking reserves, dues and contributions from members of the society and the community.
Thanks to all who generously supported this year's effort!
Donate what you can.  Point out this excellent giving opportunity to history buffs and supporters of education.
You can donate by printing out the membership form at FCHSIN.org Donate.  Donors will be listed in the next year's publication.
Contact Bob at 812-590-2798 or bob@bobsterrett.com .
Final 2020 document as a PDF.             web view of Our Community 2020





Places in Floyd
Research -- Information Needed

Over Two years ago a page was created on the Floyd County Historical Society Web site describing some historical places in Floyd County.  This remains incomplete.  If you have pictures, stories or other information, please contact Bob at 812-590-2798 / bob@bobsterrett.com. 
Here are some of the places currently undocumented: Boilng Spring, Limerick Hill, Manville, Maplewood, Maxville, The Meadows, Mechanics Retreat, Mount Pleasant, Mt. Isam, Muddy Fork, North Park, Pleasant Valley, Smithville, St. Mary's of the Woods, Tuleyburg, Woodville and Wurtenburg.  Updates or corrections to others of the pages are welcome.

Beattyville, Squire Beatty

Lone Star

Other Events
Recorded Program: Southern Indiana Genealogical Society
Motors and Mass Rallies recording of women's sufferage program September 3rd - Dr. Anita Morgan

Falls of the Ohio Genealogical Society
Falls of the Ohio Genealogical Society (FOGS) is a newly formed Indiana Corporation to further genealogical and historical research in the Ohio River falls area focusing on Clark, Floyd and Harrison Counties in Indiana.

FOGS is a non-profit, membership organization.

Responsible volunteers are needed to serve on the board, plan programs and help with the administration of the Society.

The Society will meet once a month.  The board will meet one evening a month.

Website coming soon. (FallsGenealogy.org)

Respond to: FallsGenealogy@gmail.com

FOGS anticipates continuing the First Family Program for 2021. Get started! Get the fillable PDF Application form.     Contact: Donna Kepley Foster at 812-923-3492.