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No July Meeting
Join the Aug 5th FOGS ""1849 Cholera Epidemic"" program below

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Floyd County Historical Society History
assembled from the minutes
by Ann Baumgartle, recording secretary

Padgett Museum Now Open!

The Padgett Museum operated by the Floyd County Historical Society, located at 509 West Market Street, New Albany, Indiana, is now open.

The museum will be open every Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., into December.

In addition to the permanent exhibits, artifacts from The White House, New Albany's Dept. Store are on display.
Please stop by and rekindle your interest in our great city and county.  Admission is free..
Masks and/or Vaccinations are highly recommended.

For more information, call Bob Sterrett at 812-590-2798.
Visit the society's website at FCHSIN.org.

Donations Needed


August Meeting

Elizabeth Grennan Browning, curator of Hoosier Lifelines will present "Environmental & Social Change Along the Monon" 1847-2020.
7pm Tuesday August 24th at the Carnegie Center, 201 East Spring Street, New Albany
Visit the museum exhibits about the Monon from 5pm to 7pm before the talk

Collecting Dues for 2021.  Dues are now $10 Individual, $20 Family.
Donation / Membership form

Our Community 2021 $$$

This is Our Community is given to all third graders in the county and is used to satisfy the Indiana History course requirement for all students in private, parochial, and public schools.

We are assembling the 2021 version!  Above all, we need donations to cover printing costs.  Editorial comments are welcome. 

Our Community 2021 under construction             Final 2020 document as a PDF.             web view of Our Community 2020





Other Events

Carnegie Center, New Albany
201 East Spring Street, New Albany, Ind.
August 5th - October 16th

An Exhibit by Hoosier Lifelines is an artistic and historical exploration of Indiana's changing environment along the remains of the historic Monon Raiload, from the Ohios River's banks to Lake Michigan's dunes.  This exhibit is part of the 2021 Louisville Photo Biennial.
Opening Reception: Friday, August 6th, 6-8pm
Wine, appetizers and live music by the Jamey Abersold Jazz Quartet

Falls of the Ohio Genealogical Society
Gary Elliot, History writer from Jefferson City, MO,
will present via ZOOM: "1849 Cholera Epidemic"
Cholera swept the country in 1849.  Mortality was great.  St Louis lost 4,557, Cincinnati 5,969, and Detroit 700.  That year, a group of young men set out from Jeffersonville, Indiana, determined to join other "Miner 49ers" in making their fortunes panning for California gold.  Their luck took a turn for the worse when they boarded a steamship at St. Louis, Missouri.
An outbreak of cholera forced the boat ashore at Jefferson City, Missouri,  where the sick and dying crew and passengers were discovered by an area teenager.
Elliot will reveal the fates of the men from Jeffersonville, some of whom have descendants in this area to this day.

============>     https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89744898534?pwd=QjhMQkUvUHdETXAxTC9nSFZzeVAzUT09     <============
6:30pm Thursday August 5th

Genealogy Resources in the Maker Space (JTPL) / "The Boone Trail in Indiana" presented by Viki Harolovich
Respond to: info@FallsGenealogy.org

FOGS anticipates continuing the First Family Program for 2021.  Get started!  Get the fillable PDF Application form.     Contact: Donna Kepley Foster at 812-923-3492.   FirstFamilies@FallsGenealogy.org
2021 Brochure (First families brochure containing the pioneer surnames through the 2019 event)

Recorded Programs
Recording of FOGS July 1st program
" Louisville's Bloody Monday"
August 6, 1855, Protestant mobs attacked German and Irish Catholic neighborhoods. 22 dead, many injured and much property damage.
presented by Jim Tomes, Archivist at the Diocese of Louisville; John O'Dwyer, Ancient Order of Hibernians; and Gerald McDaniel, author of "AINDREAS the Messenger"

Recording of FOGS May 6th program
" General Washington Johnston (1776-1833)"
Indiana Pioneer, Lawyer, Politician, Free Mason, Militia-man, Anti-slavery proponent
presented by Diane Stepro, Jeffersonville Township Public Library

Recording of Harrison County Public Library's April 20th program
" From Amanda to Zerelda: Hoosier Suffragists Who Raised A Ruckus"
presented by Marsha Miller, Indiana Humanities - Speaker's Bureau

Recording of FOGS April 1st program
" Discover Indiana Tours"
presented by Diane Stepro,, Jeffersonville Township Public Library
Focusing especially on two new tours of Clark County: African American History in Clark County and Orphans of Clark County.
In the tours, you'll meet some of the most heroic, tragic, and memorable characters of Clark County's past.
More: https://publichistory.iupui.edu/tours/browse/

Recording of FOGS March 4th program
"The US Army Corps of Engineers at Louisville"
presented by Brandon Brummett, P.E., PMP, US Army Corps of Engineers

Recording of FOGS February 4th program
"Davis Floyd and the anti-slavery struggle in Southern Indiana 1802-1809"
by Bill Smith, retired lawyer, historian
transcripts: part1   the rest of the story         Davis Floyd in-depth

Recording of FOGS January 7th program
"The Burr Conspiracy"
by Zachary Distel, Curator & Program Exhibit Director at Sons of the American Revolution

Recording of FOGS November 5th program
"The Sexual and Gender Rhetoric of War: Manliness in Massachusetts during the Imperial Crisis"
by Dr. Kelly Ryan, executive vice-chancellor for academic affairs at Indiana University Southeast

Recorded Program: Southern Indiana Genealogical Society
"Motors and Mass Rallies" Women's suffrage program September 3rd
by Dr. Anita Morgan, IUPUI Senior Lecturer in History

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