Floyd County Bicentennial 1819-2019

January 2019 marks the 200th anniversary of the formation of Floyd County.

If you know of or are planning an event please email bob@bobsterrett.com or call 812-590-2798.


Greenville had a wonderful parade!
The following day a state historical marker was dedicated to John Baptiste Ford a prominent Floyd County resident.

At the November 26th meeting of the Floyd County Historical Society Matt Uhl of the Greenville Historic Preservation Commission will present "A history of Greenville and surrounding areas". As Chairman of the Commission in its first 3 years, Uhl has helped facilitate research and preservation programming leading to Indiana historical makers in Floyd County and surrounding counties, as well as events and other efforts of a local historic nature.

Floyd County Homestead Awards

In celebration of Floyd County’s Bicentennial, the Floyd County Board of Commissioners are announcing the opening of the application period for the Floyd County Homestead Award. This award will honor families who have owned property in Floyd County.
To be recognized, a parcel must be owned by the same family or extended family and maintained continuous ownership for one of the four distinct time periods. Families are eligible for four distinct awards based on the age of the parcel. Families can receive Semi-centennial award for 50 years, Centennial award for 100 years, Sesquicentennial Award for 150 years or Bicentennial Award for 200 years of ownership.

Sheriff's Department

Kicking off the Floyd Bicentennial -- Banner Installation

A banner proclaiming the bicentennial of Floyd County joins the New Albany bicentennial banner on the side of the Floyd County Historical Society/Padgett Museum.