Navilleton is an unincorporated community in Greenville Township, Floyd County, Indiana. The first settlement at Navilleton was made in 1844 by a colony of German Catholics, among them Michael Naville, for whom the town was named. The one room school house still stands.

Andrew R., Foursquare

In 1893, Father Schaaf had the school built at a cost of $800. According to Alma Ellenbrand, there was lumber left over after the church was built so it was decided to build the school. It was rented to the township for $16.00 per annum. In 1895 there were 30 pupils taught by a lay teacher. It was leased to Greenville Township for use as a public school. Navilleton was the last one room school to be used by Floyd County closing at the end of the 1955-1956 school year. Many of the schools in the area have field trips to the one room school house, as it currenlty serves as a museum.