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Padgett Museum

               Items at the Museum

The Padgett Museum is housed in the historic (1837) Wm. Young residence. A permanent exhibit, "By the Rivers Edge", details the growth of New Albany and Floyd County along the Ohio River.

The museum chronicles local history with words, maps and artifacts. Exhibits document the steamboat era, glassmaking, railroads, leather and other industries of New Albany and Floyd County.

A six-foot model of the famed Robt. E Lee steamboat is the center-piece of the exhibit.
picture of steamboat
Surveyor's Chain

This 33-foot Gunter's chain was used to measure the original streets and lots of New Albany, which was founded in 1813.


European immigrants to New Albany brought their brewing traditions with them.  Many breweries were established in New Albany.

The brewing Industry died when the Volstead Act was passed in 1919, starting the era of prohibition.

Micro-breweries have re-established the tradition locally.

The museum also has a collection of milk bottles.

Anchor Stove

Made by Tersegge, Gohmann&bsp;& Co., Stove Founders.
This New Albany based company had a foundry on Oak Street.  The building is still there as part of Padgett Inc.

38-star American Flag

This American Flag was discovered in a Floyd County barn. Colorado became the 38th state in 1876.

A centennial flag!  This flag would have been relevant until 1889 when North Dakota and South Dakota were admitted to the union.

The stars are sewn on in a somewhat random pattern.

glassblowers' art End of the Day

Rather than dispose of the excess material at the end of the work day, glass blowers used it to display their artistic talents, creating unusual glass objects such as these canes.
Glass blowers used a "blowpipe" like the one at the center of the picture.

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