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This is Our Community
Our Community -- 1959
"This is Our Community" was first published in 1956. Here is the 4th printing of that booklet.

Our Community -- 2018
The Society has provided the booklet Our Community to the Floyd County New Albany School's 3rd graders for a number of years.
The document was upgraded in the 2018 year. Pictures were cleaned up and some text changed.
    Our Community (2018) - Print Version
     Final:   Printable PDF

Our Community -- 2019 -- Bicentennial Edition
The modifications for 2019 are far fewer than for the 2018 version. A law enforcement page was added. Four color images were inserted. The timeline was expanded. Typos were fixed.
    Our Community (2019) - Print Version
     Final:   Printable PDF

Our Community -- 2020
The modifications for 2020: new cover; typo correction; more color?
   Our Community (2020) - Print Version
     Final:   Printable PDF                 on-line version for remote students

Our Community -- 2021
The modifications for 2021: typo corrections; corrections, expansion of timeline, references
    The 2021 Our community has been delivered to the county's 3rd graders.
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Our Community (2021)
     Final:   Printable PDF                 on-line version